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Bring Your Imagination to Life with PrintedShapes

Custom 3D Printing and Modeling Services

Endless Possibilities

Wide Range of Materials

Serving Canada and the USA

State-of-the-Art 3D Printing Technology

What Sets Us Apart

At PrintedShapes, we specialize in providing custom 3D printing and modeling services. We cater to the entire spectrum, from conceptualization to production, using cutting-edge technology and innovative processes.

Why Choose PrintedShapes

Advanced 3D Printing Technology

Curious about 3D printing? We're here to provide you with expert guidance and answer all your queries.

Tailored Solutions

Our bespoke service ensures that each project is tailored to meet your unique requirements, delivering exceptional results every time.

Premium Materials for Superior Results

We only use top-quality materials to ensure durable, high-quality prints that exceed your expectations.

Expert Advisory Team

Our experienced advisors are dedicated to providing valuable insights and recommendations throughout your 3D printing journey.

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Client Testimonials

“PrintedShapes brought my ideas to life with precision and expertise. I highly recommend their services!”
“Exceptional attention to detail and exceptional results. PrintedShapes is my go-to for all 3D printing needs.”
“PrintedShapes consistently delivers outstanding quality and reliability. Their dedication is truly commendable.”

Ryan Fry

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  • Can you print anything?
    We adhere strictly to legal guidelines. Therefore, we can only print objects that comply with local laws and regulations. If you have a design or concept, ensure it doesn’t infringe on intellectual property rights (such as patents, trademarks, or copyrights). Original creations or open-source designs are ideal. Our printer has a maximum build volume of 30x30 cm. If your desired object exceeds these dimensions, we’ll break it down into smaller parts and assemble them post-printing. Multi-part prints can be seamlessly joined to create larger structures. Some designs may be too intricate or challenging to print. If you have a complex model, share it with us, and we’ll assess its feasibility. Certain geometries (such as extreme overhangs or unsupported spans) might require additional support structures. Remember, while we can’t print “anything,” we’re committed to bringing your creative visions to life within the bounds of legality and technical feasibility. Let’s turn your ideas into tangible objects!
  • Is it expensive?
    This service falls into the higher-end category, so prices can vary. If you’re requesting a custom model, the starting price would be $60.00 CAD. However, if you already have a model from the internet or a pre-existing file, the quote will be more budget-friendly. Custom modeling involves meticulous measurements and considerable time investment. On average, a custom model and print typically range between $300 and $400 CAD. Of course, the final cost depends on the complexity of your specific requirements. Some of the recommended applications for our services include cosplay or custom pieces that need printing, as well as personalized decorations for your room or store.
  • What do you mean by CarbonFiber & Glassfiber?
    Some materials incorporate additional components—for instance, Nylon can be blended with Glassfiber or CarbonFiber. Currently, Nylon stands as our highest-end material. When combined with CarbonFiber or Glassfiber, it becomes an exceptionally luxurious option. These reinforcements enhance the already robust properties of Nylon, resulting in a material that is both strong and powerful.
  • What Colours do you have?
    Feel free to explore our materials section for a comprehensive overview of available colors. Among our materials, PLA boasts the widest variety, closely followed by TPU and PETG. Currently, our PLA color selection includes yellow, orange, red, blue, green, gold, transparent, wood, grey, dark grey, glow-in-the-dark green, purple/green (a delightful half-and-half blend), pink, black, and white. Should you require a different color, we’re happy to accommodate your request. Keep in mind that custom colors may incur an additional charge, as we’ll be sourcing a unique shade specifically for you.
  • How do i contact you?
    Simple! Just click the contact button on the top right, and fill out the form.
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